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The year mentioned indicates the end of a term, if applicable.

Supervising PhD-students

2014, Peter van Os , Verdeel en beheers. Grondslagen voor een allocatiemodel ten behoeve van woningcorporaties. Tilburg University, 2014-02-12. Supervisors: Cor van Montfort, George de Kam, Pieter Ruys. Thesis Committee members: J. Conijn, V. Gruis, G. Minderman, J. van der Schaar.

2011, Carlo Martini , Consensus and Disagreement in Committees. Supervisors: Stephan Hartmann and Pieter Ruys. Committee members: Johan Graafland, Martin van Hees, Julian Reiss, Adrian Thomas, Jacq Vromen.

2006, Emiliya A. Lazarova , Stability, Governance and Effectiviness: Essays on the Service Economy . Tilburg University, 2006-12-20. Supervisors: Pieter Ruys, Peter Borm, Rob Gilles. Committee members: Rene van den Brink, Maria Montero, Arthur van Soest, Ruud Hendrickx.

2006, GebreMichael Kibreab Habtom , Health Care Policy and Management in Developing Countries. The Case of Eritrea, May 2006. Supervisors: Pieter Ruys and Theo Camps. Thesis committee: Jacques van der Gaag, Stifanos Hailemariam, Sjo Soeters, Pieter Tops, and Niels Noorderhaven.

2004, Yuan Ju, Cooperation, Compensation, and Transition, UvT, Defense 2004-12-15, Supervisors: Pieter Ruys and Peter Borm; Thesis Committee: René ¶an den Brink, Eric van Damme, Henk Norde, Dolf Talman, David Wettstein and Liangchun Yu.

2000, Radislav Semenov, Cross-country Differences in Economic Governance: Culture as a Major Explanatory Factor. KUB, 16 februari 2000. Supervisor: Pieter Ruys; Thesis committee: Geert Hofstede, Celeste Wilderom, Andrea Prat, Niels Noorderhaven, Rezaul Kabir, Ton van Schaik.

1999, Michael Kosfeld, Individual Decision Making and Social Interaction , cum laude, KUB, 30 June 1999, Supervisors: Pieter Ruys and Dolf Talman; Committee: Eric van Damme, Aldo Rustichini, Stef Tijs, Walter Trockel, Fernando Vega-Redondo.

1999, Edward Droste, Adaptive Behavior in Economic and Social Environments , KUB, 22 december 1999. Supervisor: Pieter Ruys; Thesis committee: Rob Gilles, Cars Hommes, Eric van Damme, Dolf Talman, Stef Tijs.

1998, Xiangzhu Han, Product Differentiation, Collusion, and Standardization KUB, 16 januari 1998, commissie: Gabsziewizc, vDamme,

1996, Chris L.J.P. van Raalte, Market Formation and Market Selection K.U.B. 1996-12-16. With Gilles

1994, Rene van den Brink, Relational Power in Hierarchical Organizations. K.U.B. (1994.7.1). Supervisors: Rob Gilles and Pieter Ruys. Other members thesis committee: Peter Borm, Guillermo Owen, Dolf Talman, Gerard van der Laan.

1992, Willy J.L.J. Spanjers, Price Setting Behavior in Hierarchically Structured Economies, K.U.B. Defense 28 August 1992. Supervisors Pieter Ruys and Rob Gilles. Other members of the thesis committee: Eric van Damme, Dolf Talman, Stef Tijs, and Walter Trockel.

1991, Gert P. de Bruin, Decision-making on Public Goods. U.v.A. (1991.9.10), with H. Daud.

1990, Rob P.Gilles, Core and Equilibria of Socially Structured Economies; the modelling of social constraints in economic behaviour, cum laude, K.U.B., 1990.4.20.

1989, A.J.A. (Ton) Storcken, Possibility Theorems for Social Welfare Functions, cum laude. K.U.B., met lof (1989.2.3), with H. de Swart and S.H. Tijs.

1987, Tim M. Doup, Simplicial Algorithms on the Simplotope, K.U.B. (1987.12.11), with A.J.J. Talman. Reprinted by Springer, Berlin, 1988.

1986, Peter P. Wakker, Representations of Choice Situations, cum laude, K.H.T., 1986.6.13, with S.H. Tijs and D. Schmeidler. Thesis reprinted as: Additive Representations of Preferences, Kluwer, 1989.

1984, Cees A.A.M.Withagen, Economic Theory and International Trade in Natural Exhaustible Resources, cum laude, K.H.T., 1984.12.10. Supervisors: H.N. Weddepohl and P.H.M. Ruys. Reprinted by Springer, 1985.

1984, Aart J. de Zeeuw, Difference Games and Linked Econometric Policy Models. K.H.T., 1984.5.10, Supervisors: J.C. Willems, A.P. Barten and P.H.M. Ruys.

1983, Wim A. Hafkamp, Triple Layer Model: a Regional Economic Environmental Model for the Netherlands, V.U.A. (1983.6.24), with P. Nijkamp. Thesis reprinted as: Economic-environmental modelling in a national-regional system, North-Holland, 1984.

1982, Jan H. Koning, Kredietrantsoenering en Onevenwichtigheid, K.H.T. (1982.12.10), met H.W.J. Bosman.

Teaching activities

2012, Tias-Nimbas Business School of Tilburg University, Public and Non-Profit Management: offers executive teaching with a Master's degree MPM since 1996 and an MSc Degree since 2010. From 1988 to 1996 the lectures were given in the biannual course Beleidsvoering in Non-Profit en Overheids-organisaties (BNPO) .

2009, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Department of Econometrics and Operations Research. Courses in Microeconomics, Public Economics, and Industrial Organization. With Dolf Talman.