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This research is carried out as member of the following institutes or research groups: Tilbug School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), the Tias Business School , the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS), and CIRIEC International.

Selected Publications

2015, "Stability in a Network Economy: the Role of Institutions", with Rob Gilles and Emiliya Lazarova, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 119, 375-399. Earlier version TILEC DP 2014-036 .

2008, "Technology driven organizational structure of the firm", Annals of Finance, 4: 481-503. With Rene van den Brink.
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2007, "Modes of governance in the Dutch social housing sector", Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 78:3, 381-413. See also: TILEC DP 2007-001 . With Jan Bruil and Henry Dix.

2007, "Stability, specialization, and social recognition", Division of Labor & Transaction Costs (DLTC), Vol. 2, 83-110; and CentER DP 2006-17 . With Rob Gilles and Emiliya Lazarova.

2007, "The Choice of a Health Care Provider in Eritrea", Health Policy, 80, 202-217. With GebreMichael Habtom.

2007, "The consensus value: a new solution concept for cooperative games", Social Choice and Welfare, 28, 685-703. With Yuan Ju and Peter Borm.

2007, "Traditional Risk-Sharing Arrangements and Informal Social Insurance In Eritrea", Health Policy, 80, 218-235. With GebreMichael Habtom.

2006, "Een economisch perspectief op hybride organisaties", in: Meervoudig bestuur, red. T. Bransen, W. van de Donk en P. Kenis, Lemma, p. 83-102. Zie ook: TILEC DP 2006-004 .

2006, "On socio-economic roles and specialisation", Economic Papers , 25, no.2, 157-170. With Rob Gilles and Emiliya Lazarova. Available at SSNR.
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2003, "Optimal design of trade institutions", Review of Economic Design, 8, 269-292. With Dimitrios Diamantaris and Rob Gilles.
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1999, "Governance of clubs and firms with cultural dimensions", CentER DP 99101, Tilburg University. With Rene van den Brink and Radislav Semenov.

1999, "Positional abilities and rents on equilibrium wages and profits", in: The Theory of Markets, P.J.J. Herings, G. van der Laan and A.J.J. Talman, editors, North-Holland, ISBN 0-444-85824-5, 261-279. With Rene van den Brink.

1999, "The role of the medium in an interaction structure", in: Logic, Game Theory, and Social Choice, Harrie de Swart, ed., Tilburg University Press, ISBN 90-361-9959-X, 314-329.
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Working Papers

2016, "Partnership Governance in a Dynamic Social Economy", mimeo.

2014, "Architecture of a Social Economy: The Relational Capacity Approach", CIRIEC Working Paper 2014/13 .

2014, "Stability in a Network Economy: the Role of Institutions", with Rob Gilles and Emiliya Lazarova. TILEC DP 2014-0036 .

2007, "The Fit between a Mode of Governance and a Welfare Policy: Experiences in the Dutch Social Housing Sector", mimeo, Tilburg University.

2000, "Optimal provision of infrastructure using Public-Private Partnership contracts", CentER DP 2000-126, Tilburg University. With Gerard van der Laan and Dolf Talman.
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